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Whether you’re buying a new home, on the hunt for a commercial property or want expert, tailored advise in the Guiseley area, Right Surveyors Guiseley are here for you.

The right survey by a qualified Chartered Surveyor can help you make that final decision on a property and can even drive down the purchase price, should there be defects in the property. Our local Director George Passey FRICS offers the best building surveys and advice personalised to you, the property and the local Guiseley area.

George Passey, Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
George Passey FRICS

"All buildings have defects and some can be expensive to fix. Instructing us to undertake a Full Building Survey, House Purchase Survey Report or Homebuyer (Home Buyer) Survey in Guiseley or elsewhere will highlight these defects and allow you to budget for the future.

"Highlighting expensive repair costs to your vendor can also be a powerful negotiating tool."

Some of the services we provide include:

If you’re interested in a service that is not listed above, please contact us - our Chartered Surveyors may well be able to help.

Property and Building Surveys from experienced Local Surveyors

With building surveys to suit every property and budget and our dedicated team’s extensive knowledge of Guiseley, we can provide comprehensive, quality advice you can trust. We will help guide you all the way through your property purchase, getting to know you and the property on an individual level.

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